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Native Gambian people are very friendly and willing to help.

Nearest banks are situated at the "turn table" and in the tourist area in Senegambia (Standard Chartered Bank), Bakau centre, Westfield (Standard Chartered Bank, Trust Bank LTD), Serekunda market, and Banjul area. It is approximately 6 km away from Tedugal to the tourist area. The distance to Bakau, Serekunda and Westfield is roughly 12 km.

Trust Bank LTD http://www.trustbank.gm/branchlocator.html
Serrekunda: Bakau:
Westfield Junction Sait Matty Road
Tel: (+220) 4398042 BAKAU, K.S.M.D.
Fax:(+220) 4398039 Tel (+220) 449 54 86

Standard Chartered Bank (Gambia) Limited http://www.standardchartered.com/gm/
Principal Office Address
8/10 ECOWAS Avenue
P.O. Box 259

Tel: +220 4228681 8
Fax: +220 4227714

The nearest beach is located at Holidays hotel and it is a distance of approximately 5 km then follows Senegambia, BB Hotel, Fajara, and Sun wing. Seek for more information at the respective beach or contact the tourist bureau in Senegambia.

Foreign / Gambian Currency
Refer to www.oanda.com for a hint of exchange rates. Nearest exchange bureau is in the tourist area in Senegambia.

  • A car is available for hiring on daily bases. Contact the Supervisor for more information.
  • Taxi: There are four kinds of taxi.
  • Collective taxi: (5 passengers, yellow colour) costing roughly 10-15GMD per person depending on the route,
  • Tanka-Tanka: (10-14 passengers for longer distances, mostly white colour but also mixed) 15-20GMD depending on departure place.
  • Tourist taxi: (green in colour). The tax is higher but the car is also at your disposal.
  • Town Trip: ordinary taxi but not shared with others. Price bargain is very common.

Food and restaurants
Restaurants are available in the nearby hotels, tourist area, on the highways, Bakau and Serekunda-Bakau road.
Room Service is taking care of cooking at TEDUGAL Guest House.

Super markets are located in the tourist area, Palmarima hotel area, almost all petrol stations and in the towns. For cheaper ones try Mini Super Markets and Marouns Food and Store.
Kiosks: Local kiosks (canteen). Fewer choices but cheaper prices.
Shopping centres are available and situated beside the road to Bakau-Serekunda
Market place: Also known as "marce" in the local language. Buy fresh fruits, fish, meat, vegetables and etc at a much lower price.


I Internet cafés located in some of the:

  • Petrol stations,
  • Road sides,
  • Tourist areas,
  • Quantum Net in Bakau,
  • Gamtel West Field,
  • Serekunda market,
  • Banjul area.

  • Tele centers: telephony centres International and local calls.

  • Mobile telephones: Take your mobile phone with you or purchase one in the Gambia. Prices are almost the same as in Europe. Mobile phone operators so far are GAMCEL and AFRICEL, QCELL, COMIUM. In Sweden AFRICEL cooperates with COMVIQ, TELIA, TELENOR and VODAFONE.

  • Greeting: generally saying hi to each other is very common and highly appreciated. Conversing with unknown people is normal.
People really appreciate tipping after a carried service.

Gifts / Beggars / Beachcombers / Pick pocketers
Gifts or presents may be given to children in the form of books, pencils or clothes. Alternatively take contact with the parents for a school support. Giving the kids money encourages them of not going to school or not giving a helping hand at home. For the general well-being of the country promoting begging, beachcombers will just lead the country backward and encourage laziness. Beachcombers could be loitering everywhere around the beach and tourist area. A handful of them are very positive, caring and helpfull.
The approach from Beachcombers could be nice at the beginning but very tedious at the end. To be straight and honest with them usually helps but is not a guarantee. To be that extra open and nice may be alluring. Use your common sense. The majority of the beggars are now days stationed at the gas stations, outside shopping centers and busy areas.
Pick pocketing occurs when rushing for a Tanka-Tanka or in crowded places. Beware of your wallet and not unnecessarily expose larger amount of money.

Be restrictive on patting cats and dogs because some could be aggressive, carrying diseases and are lacking responsible owners. Beware of snakes. Both the green and black mamba exists in the Gambia. Despite this fact snakebites are very uncommon in the country. Taking pictures on people before asking for permission is not a good idea. People could get very mad. Having a word with the person before is usually appreciated and recommended.

Gambia picture gallery can be found here. (new window)